Winter is a quiet time for weddings, understandably! So I tend to spend much of the winter working on my landscape photography in some of the places I love so much.

This winter has led me to the Isle of Skye, teaching photography as well as photographing the landscape. As I photograph many weddings and elopements on the Isle of Skye, I thought you might enjoy seeing a few images of this wonderful island in the winter. I hope you enjoy and that it inspires you to think about the Isle of Skye as a location for your wedding!

Snow-covered mountains and blue skies on the Isle of Skye in winter. Scotland's Isle of Skye on a clear winter's day: white snow-covered mountains are reflected in a loch. Snow covers mountains and rocks in an icy stream on the Isle of Skye in Scotland. Ominous skies hang over snow-covered mountains in this landscape photograph of the Isle of Skye in winter. Photographer: Margaret Soraya A boat crosses the loch in front of snow-covered mountains on the Isle of Skye in winter.