outer hebdrides beach photograph

During this unusual time in the world, I have had been thinking more about how I can best support photographers of all levels, from their own homes. I have been running my landscape photography workshops very successfully alongside photographing Scottish elopements for a couple of years now.  But we have come to a time where physical photography workshops are not so viable for a while. I have embraced zoom as a teaching platform and have been speaking to many camera clubs as well as beginning to teach classes online.

But the newest release is a new concept in bringing photographers together on an ongoing basis. From complete beginners who are interested in iPhonegraphy and mindfulness to more advanced photographers looking to learn techniques such as backlighting and long exposures. I am creating a monthly affordable membership that connects us all in a supportive community. Because we all need support and inspiration during these times. The whole concept is built on bringing people together in a achievable way without the need to commit to vast amounts of time to an intensive course, and to create a community where we can chat and support each other. The ideas and teaching will revolve around mindfulness, helping you be more creative and teaching new skills. The creative Haven membership will be open in November 2020 and I would be delighted if you wanted to join me. You can see all details here and register for founding member status for a limited time period.

I would love you to join me and spread the word!