Landscape Photography

“As a child, my earliest and most significant and happiest memories belong to days spent by the sea . The sound of waves crashing, smell of sea air, feel of sand bring with them associations of contentment and an affinity with water” This has become the driving force behind much of my landscape photography. You can view my dedicated landscape photography site here
I was brought up in Manchester and as soon as possible I left, in search of a life by the water. I began by studying Photography in the Arts in Swansea. Most of my days were spent photographing at the waters edge or indeed in the surf of the welsh coast. My journey in landscape photography took a long and winding road that has now led me firmly back to where I began all those years ago at college – drawn to creating images of water and waves.
I actively seek out isolated places to work. I adore the beauty in remote landscapes and being based in the Highlands of Scotland, it is relatively easy for me to get wild and beautiful places.  About 8 years ago I undertook a tour of the Outer Hebrides travelling from Oban to Barra, through the Uists and up to Lewis and Harris. I haven’t ever stopped going back to these islands since.  If you are looking for places to go and things to do on the islands then have a look at my landscape photography blog which is full of tips and reviews about places to go on the Scottish islands.