Sian and David’s Highland wedding | The Torridon

Sian and David, both very keen cyclists, were married recently at The Torridon. When Sian had said at our initial meeting that they would be going out for a bike ride in the morning, I had absolutely no idea that she meant pretty much the whole of the wedding party. I arrived as they were returning from a bike ride which led them through amazing scenery as well as wind, hail and rain storms !
Two hours later the party transformed themselves beyond recognition from earlier that day.
The ceremony was planned to take place later in the day, so Sian and David met up an hour before the ceremony so that we were able to capture some images of the two of them in the surrounding landscape before it was dark. It was well worth the effort and with all the couple shots already taken, I was able to capture the rest of the wedding in the informal manner that Sian and David had wanted.