Joyce & James | Wedding photography at Ardoe House Hotel, Scotland

Joyce and James were recently married at Ardoe House hotel in Abderdeen. A new wedding venue for me and a very nice one at that! As ever, working with Louise Chrystal hair was just a delight and also nice to be accompanied by Geoff from Watch the Birdie video. Enjoy the images!

James & Joyce Marr-007James & Joyce Marr-011James & Joyce Marr-018James & Joyce Marr-024James & Joyce Marr-048James & Joyce Marr-049James & Joyce Marr-061James & Joyce Marr-074James & Joyce Marr-086James & Joyce Marr-156James & Joyce Marr-173James & Joyce Marr-181James & Joyce Marr-189James & Joyce Marr-190James & Joyce Marr-192James & Joyce Marr-210James & Joyce Marr-217James & Joyce Marr-274James & Joyce Marr-282James & Joyce Marr-283James & Joyce Marr-295James & Joyce Marr-296James & Joyce Marr-304