Isle of Mull beach wedding – Lorna & Anthony

Wedding photography on the Isle of Mull

Lorna & Anthony married recently on Lorna’s family farm which sits by Ardalanish Beach in the south of the Isle of Mull. The day before the wedding the rain was non stop and torrential as were the 3 days after the wedding itself. Quite amazingly the actual wedding day was warm and sunny and the evening was a perfect summers evening. Many guests camped in the field by the marquee and the whole day was just perfect for an outside wedding by the beach. Everything about the wedding was personal and quirky – from the horsebox on the beach holding the champagne to bothy where Lorna & Anthony were to spend the night – decorated by friends and family and surrounded by Highland Cows and Sheep. Here are just a few highlights from their wedding day :

Lorna & Anthony-275Lorna & Anthony-280Lorna & Anthony-303Lorna & Anthony-304Lorna & Anthony-335Lorna & Anthony-336Lorna & Anthony-355Lorna & Anthony-359Lorna & Anthony-371Lorna & Anthony-380Lorna & Anthony-423Lorna & Anthony-424Lorna & Anthony-432Lorna & Anthony-482Lorna & Anthony-515Lorna & Anthony-518Lorna & Anthony-531Lorna & Anthony-560Lorna & Anthony-563Lorna & Anthony-584Lorna & Anthony-586Lorna & Anthony-593Lorna & Anthony-758Lorna & Anthony-763Lorna & Anthony-768Lorna & Anthony-770Lorna & Anthony-772