George & Paula’s wedding at The Torridon

Wedding photography at The Torridon

George and Paula had a very special small wedding at The Torridon in the Highlands- just a couple of close family members and their little daughter.

A beautiful and emotional ceremony took place in the hotel during which they gave each wedding gifts which had to be the most unique and thoughtful gifts I have ever seen. Paula and George had met years before and their first kiss was on a night where they had witnessed a shooting star. George managed to somehow track down the star, get hold of a fragment of this star and have a necklace made for Paula with it!

Paula gave George 3 maps inside 3 frames – one map of where they had met, one of where they live now and one of Loch Torridon , where they were married.

And to top it all of George made their wedding cake – aptly decorated with stars. A wonderfully couple and a most wonderful wedding day!